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Finally: Leaked Bilderberg Documents Provide Damning Insight into Iraq War (Video)

An incredible treasure trove of documents has been leaked online detailing a number of Bilderberg conferences dating all the way back to the 50’s.

Endocrine Disruptors and the Eugenic History of Chemicals in Food and Plastic: Curtis Duncan (Video)

Information packed recording on how to avoid hidden chemicals that are behind the reason why testosterone levels have been declining, 30 million men have impotence, sperm counts have dropped by 50 percent, ect. The chemicals are also behind the exploding rates of male genital birth defects, autism, ADHD, prostate, testicular, and male breast cancer, belly fat/obesity, low libido, and man boobs or gynecomastia.

U.N. Vehicles, Mysterious Troop Movement Spotted In VA, NC, W.VA, Ohio, Texas

For the past day or so, military convoys have been witnessed traveling both North and South, with lines of equipment ranging from Humvees, troop transport trucks, and tankers to military personnel following the convoy in civilian vehicles. Interestingly enough, many of the soldiers traveling in the convoy were seen wearing helmets, an unusual procedure for a simple convoy. In addition, the convoys were carrying what appeared to be construction equipment.

Truth Over Comfort: The Truth About American Eugenics (Video)

This video goes into great depth about the origin of the racist, anti-poor philosophy of Eugenics. From the in-breeding Darwin-Galton-Huxley family to the American Eugenics Society, this is a critical missing piece of history.

“Diplomats” Urge War: 51 State Department Officials Call For US-led War against Syria/Russia

Recently, 51 State Department employees signed a memo urging the president to change his focus in Syria from fighting ISIS to fighting the secular Assad government. They argued that targeting Assad would weaken Assad’s enemy, ISIS. The logic is not immediately apparent.

Leading California Cannabis Oil Dispensary Raided Due to Legal Gray Area: CBD Specifically

Luckily a massive backlash is successfully remedying the situation: they are already back in operation. Incidents like this can’t be ignored if we want to have rights: furthermore, why was a dispensary specializing in the more medicinal CBD oil raided? We must ask ourselves these questions and stay active to have freedom.

Chinese Spy Ship “Shadows” US, Japanese Naval Drill In Western Pacific

Following the recent escalation by China when it announced it is ready to impose an Air Defense Identification Zone to target US spy flights above the South China Sea and “thwart US provocations”, China has decided to return the favor and as Reuters reports a Chinese observation ship shadowed the U.S. aircraft carrier John C. Stennis in the Western Pacific on Wednesday, the carrier’s commander said, as it joined warships from Japan and India for drills in waters which Beijing considers its backyard.

Pakistan Shells Afghan Border Troops as Tensions Rise: “Afghan Troops Fired on Construction Workers”

The Pakistani military’s attempt to build a border fence, which by Pakistani reckoning is 30 meters inside of Pakistani territory, continues to be a flashpoint for fighting along the Khyber Pass border with Afghanistan, and sparked more fighting today, including the introduction of Pakistani heavy artillery to shell the Afghan border guards.

Neoliberalism and The Globalization of War. America’s Hegemonic Project

The world is at a dangerous crossroads. The United States and its allies have launched a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity. Major military and covert intelligence operations are being undertaken simultaneously in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and the Far East. The US-NATO military agenda combines both major theater operations as well as covert actions geared towards destabilizing sovereign states.

Iran’s Drought: Product of Geoengineering? Irani President Says Yes (Chemtrails?)

Did you know that the president of Iran accused the West of weather warfare? In this video he addresses geoengineering, and we ponder over the possibility of Iran’s drought being manufactured.