New Era Detroit Call For Action (Video): “I Will Take Care of My Neighbor!”

Cassius Methyl | January 6, 2016

(Era of Wisdom) New Era Detroit is a black activist group [that supports like-minded individuals of all colors], and they are currently on fire.

Any activist could acquire a fiery, clear sense of rejuvenated passion and inspiration from simply watching this 20 minute video of New Era Detroit’s Week 5 Action. This video alone could teach any activist how to start, how to stand up and keep the flame on the fire during an event by giving speeches and chanting phrases.

Ideals of strength and unity, clarity, looking out for the next man and woman, ideals of counter-economics [Agorism, perhaps], spending money on local business instead of a corporate monopoly,  trying harder to care for each other; such ideals are focused on in this action.

Speeches were given by NED members Zeek, Vu, Scrill, Sam, and it gets passionate to a climactic level of power around 9:31 into the video, as they stand in the streets. It’s downright inspiring.

“This is what the new Detroit looks like!” announced Zeek at the beginning of the video.

The intensity of this call for action rose, smoothly flowed, up to a peak around 9:31 in the video when they blocked the streets, and Zeek and Sam continued giving speeches. The police came soon after, and NED’s response was disciplined, on point, and strong. The police videotaped them back, smirking.

While some critique the effectiveness of “protests” in general, this event is focused, has specific intent that it accomplishes effectively and with strength. This event successfully unified and motivated the people participating, and it has the power to motivate those who watch the video.

Watch a 20 minute video of their Call to Action Week 5 here:

The atmosphere of the event is inspiring; the disciplined, focused, “this is the last straw” strength demonstrated here is something we would be well off practicing every single day.

The atmosphere has a distinctly positive edge to its fire and determination; there’s a distinct clarity, focus, discipline. I would go even further to say that this is an artform: “protesting,” better referred to as unifying or gathering together to hold events as people who care. Giving speeches at Calls to Action, that’s a 2010’s decade art-form that we should put down in the history books.

The consistency of efforts here, the way NED is doing it, it’s downright admirable for any activists. You can learn a lot about how to motivate your people to get active, from watching the way this call for action progresses. This is the type of attitude that is necessary for achieving sovereignty, prosperity, love, unity, and peace in any community. This type of daily, consistent dedication, it’s the seed of building a new society and culture: this is an example of the great antidote to our syndrome of docility, getting active.

Check out New Era Detroit’s interview with Era of Wisdom here, a 25 minute conversation:

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