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Era of Wisdom is a media outlet of the people, founded on September 12th, 2015 in Sacramento, California.

Our philosophy could fall into the category of Agorist, or Voluntaryist, but we don’t choose left or right, or engage in the polarizing aspects of a political philosophy. We believe in the people, and not in hegemony.

We publish a variety of original content, from videos, to philosophical pieces, to news articles: anything we feel has substance, value, good information, depth, and humanity.

We take valuable content, information of all genres and present it to anyone who wants to see it. We find content of depth and value and present it to you.

We humbly represent the people, all over the world: humanity itself, the average good people of every culture and ethnic group. We present information that is relevant to the “bottom class” learning and becoming more informed about how the world really works, and using that understanding to stand in opposition to all forms of hegemony.

We present content that is relevant to a free and prosperous world for the common people.

Era of Wisdom is:


Cassius Kamarampi: Founder, Editor in Chief









Brandon Turbeville: Vice Editor, Staff Writer









Josh Mur: Documentary Video Narration, Staff Writer