“Pharmaceutical Kratom” Real Reason for Kratom Ban? New Opioid “MGM-15” Derived from Mitragynine

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September 6, 2016 | Cassius Kamarampi

(Era of Wisdom) What is the true motivation behind the DEA’s decision to ban kratom? Could it be the fact that enormous swathes of researchers are trying to develop synthetic opioids, patentable, profitable drugs to replace such things as kratom or pharmaceutical painkillers?

Three synthetic opioids in particular were synthesized from the alkaloids in kratom from 2008- 2016: MGM-9, MGM-15, and MGM-16.

They were synthesized from kratom’s alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine: to make what is essentially patentable, pharmaceutical kratom.

The first study, published in 2008, took Mitragynine and used it to synthesize “MGM-9”. The study says:

“Mitragynine is a major indole alkaloid isolated from the Thai medicinal plant Mitragyna speciosa that has opium-like properties, although its chemical structure is quite different from that of morphine. We attempted to develop novel analgesics derived from mitragynine, and thus synthesized the ethylene glycol-bridged and C10-fluorinated derivative of mitragynine, MGM-9 [(E)-methyl 2-(3-ethyl-7a,12a-(epoxyethanoxy)-9-fluoro-1,2,3,4,6,7,12,12b-octahydro-8-methoxyindolo[2,3-a]quinolizin-2-yl)-3-methoxyacrylate].”

The second study published in 2014 synthesized MGM-15 and MGM-16 from kratom’s other primary alkaloid, 7-Hydroxymitragynine. The study says:

“In this study, we developed dual-acting μ- and δ-opioid agonists MGM-15 and MGM-16 from 7-hydroxymitragynine for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.”

One can find dozens of studies from the past few years, in which researchers synthesized new opioid compounds and tested them on monkeys (primates). This is a huge market.

From one of many studies, testing the opioid “TH-030418”:

“Numerous efforts have been made on the chemical modification of opioid compounds, with the ultimate goal of developing new opioid analgesics that is highly potent and low/non-addictive. In a search for such compounds, TH-030418 [7α-[(R)-1-hydroxy-1-methyl-3-(thien-3-yl)-propyl]-6,14-endo-ethanotetrahydrooripavine] was synthesized.”

From another study testing an opioid called “SR 16435”:

“We identified a novel nociceptin/orphanin FQ (NOP)/mu-opioid receptor agonist, SR 16435 [1-(1-(bicyclo[3.3.1]nonan-9-yl)piperidin-4-yl)indolin-2-one], with high binding affinity and partial agonist activity at both receptors.”

From another study testing an opioid called “Cebranopadol”:

“Cebranopadol (trans-6′-fluoro-4′,9′-dihydro-N,N-dimethyl-4-phenyl-spiro[cyclohexane-1,1′(3’H)-pyrano[3,4-b]indol]-4-amine) is a novel analgesic nociceptin/orphanin FQ peptide (NOP) and opioid receptor agonist.”

Regardless of whether or not the kratom ban and pharmaceutical interests are directly connected, the synthesis of new opioid compounds and continued efforts by pharmaceutical interests to patent new opioids should illustrate how kratom’s legality is a potential obstacle in their way.

If anyone can find concrete ties between the synthesis of mitragynine related opioids and the DEA’s decision to ban kratom, please contact us here at Era of Wisdom via the contact section on our website.


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Author: Era of Wisdom Staff

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  1. I think the solution to this is to simply refuse any script for it. If they can’t profit ,it will be a waste. This is just wishful thinking, there’s just too many weak minded people and I think they will outweigh those willing to fight. I’m already reading stories of people returning to their drug of choice or planning to go on suboxone. In my mind they already won.

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  2. Kratom should stay legal, there are people hurtingredients that canot afford to see a doctor and buy the meddling. Now they will be left hopeless.

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  3. People are terrified to talk about using kratom for fear of being judged. This is the marijuana of our generation in the US. I am in tears as I write this, because kratom has changed my life. Having endometriosis and arthritis is debilitating and depressing. Since using kratom my career and family life has soared. I am very scared for how I will be able to keep up the pace and keep my life together, the pain will become to much.

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    • I know of a kratom alternate it’s also natural plant combo message me for recipe 2096206767

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      • Ktatom alternative

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      • Please help… from Northern California. I have been losing hope since the ban was announced.

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    • Meghan, try cramp bark and Skullcap. It already has been researched and is fully legal everywhere.

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    • Stay strong Meghan. Im right there with you. Prayers.

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    • I know exactly what you mean..
      I’ve had a life because of kratom.. I don’t want to go back to pain pills. .I’m so scared. I have just under 3 weeks left then I think I will have to quit my job becUee I won’t be able to do the 4 mile bike ride..
      I’m I’m tears.
      This is so unfair

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  4. I already quit using all synthetic drugs including synthroid for hashimotos. I have been able to get a better quality of life and longer times between flares. Migraines are virtually non existent for me now. I will never take another big Pharma drug for my pain, my autoimmune diseases, depression, PTSD and so on. I have it managed for the first time in my life. And best of all none of the results came from their herbs that they banned for being too effective. There are so many herbs to choose from. They will go broke trying to ban all of them and especially when we don’t buy their synthetic death drugs.

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    • I have Hashimotos too and would love to quit the Nature thyroid. Did you have symptoms after you quit taking it? My Dr. Just can’t figure out how much I should take.

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  5. I fucking knew it! They’re not doing this to help people… To get even more rich.
    People, they don’t give a fuck about us… Just our money.
    The whole leaf will always be better than some synthetic bullshit thru came up in a lab.

    How can you patent something that nature created, just by making it synthetically…

    I’m appalled.

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  6. The government of the United States is a MONSTER serial killer. This herb saved my life. I have no idea what I’m going to do for my appalling back pain now. Morphine cripples me worse than the pain.

    I hope the bastards in the government burn in hell forever for this. We already knew they were traitors, criminals, blood thirsty, in the pockets of the Mexican cartels and big pharma (same thing really).

    Burn in HELL DEA,

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    • Wouldn’t go that far, but beheading would be appropriate…..

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    • Monsanto and epidemic of ‘glucose intolerance’ eating something mankind has been eating for thousands of years. Bread.
      Think about it. Isn’t it the same tactic? This plant gave me back my life. Now they want to patent it, just like what’s been done with plants/vegetables that have been eaten for years. They have virtual squeezed out small farmers.
      This is not a free country.

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      • Your EXACTLY RIGHT!

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  7. We still sell it until the 29th of this month. Call or go to the website… dragonherbarium.com
    Oh yeah…Screw this b.s. grab by the d.e.a. and pharma. People have right to access plants. It is important, and so is the freedom of speech that they have denied everyone. The freedom of religion is also guaranteed and the holy bible gave all plants and animals to man…and I am a pagan and I know this is b.s.


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  8. Thoroughly disgusted. Lets get on Wellbutrin and have SEIZURES! And yes… Recently found out the Wellbutrin is causing me seizures! Thanks FDA, Thanks DEA!

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  9. This plant gave me my life back! Without it so many will be without safe, effective, affordable pain control. I have RSD, the most painful condition know to modern medicine, and this plant is the ONLY thing that works for my debilitating nerve pain and the depression and anxiety that come with it. Kratom saved my life and it has for people for thousand of years, safely. Big Pharma KILLS!! Kratom saves lives!

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  10. Millions of happy customers are getting relief from opiates daily and banning this natural herb is not justice. Give sufficient time to researchers to find our more about it.


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  11. Mayny people are getting off dangerous painkillers with kratom. Big pharma dont like that. Same reason they banned cannibis GREED!! How rich do you need to be? You cant take it with you when youre gone. Sickening.

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  12. This makes me so sad….at a loss for a solution at this exact time. I have been in a daze since this news broke….and keep trying to figure out what to do to plan for the soon approaching deadline… at this point , I’ll pray N hope something gives….but I am scared that, that is a miracle that might not happen.

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    • I’m so scared too.
      3 weeks of a normal life for me.. then it will be hell..
      Omg. I can’t imagine I will be able to keep my Job.
      Good luck to all. This will be hard, but something will present itself as the solution.
      God I pray

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  13. Chuck Rosenberg (Administrator of the DEA) use to be a partner in the law/lobby firm Hogan & Hartson (now called Hogan Lovells). This firm is known to lobby for Big Pharma.

    PZM21 is another synthesized opioid analgesic. Check out which companies helped fund the R&D of this compound. Several of these “sponsoring” groups have ties to Hogan & Hartson (Hogan Lovells)

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  14. Chill out, y’all! Yes, the DEA did explicitly schedule M. Speciosa itself; however, their order/act to banhammer kratom to the schedule 1 list didn’t include the dozen or so other plants which also contain mitragynine & 7-HO mitragynine which I’m sure will be filling this K-T sized market crater left by the banning of kratom; so as long as these alternate species remain explicitly unscheduled and are sold with a great big NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION label slapped all over them, the legal kratom analogue plant market won’t go down (unless, of course, they schedule all known plants containing these alkaloids, at which point i’m sure the RC scene would explode with a sea of psychoactive mitragynine analogues, all of which may be sold legally for any purpose which doesn’t concern human or veterinarian consumption. Drink another cup of kava kava, guys! Kratom is a multibillion dollar a year, largely under-regulated industry with millions of chronic consumers to feed; it isn’t going down that easy. Whether this petition wins or loses is of no real significance; so as long as there is an unscheduled alternative plants & mitragynine analogues available, this market will remain as it always has been before this scheduling order: loosely legal.

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  15. Oh yeah, I’m also currently collecting information regarding the use of kratom to treat opiate-addiction as a means of substitution therapy (e.g. same thing methadone & buprenorphine do now, but with a much shorter and much moar ameliorated PAWS than any other opioid out there as well as a miraculous absence of respiratory depression), and am looking for well-written experience reports from people using Kratom for this purpose in order to write up a research paper on this subject. Please lmk if you’re interested by responding to this comment with an email addy at which I may be able to privately contact you at; mods, if this post doesn’t seem appropriate, please feel free to edit and/or remove it as you so see fit!

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  16. DEA claims that Kratom and its alkaloids have no medical value (and declares its intent to ban it) while within days Big Pharma files a patent on because of its medical value. Someone is lying. This is a ploy for Big Pharma to make billions of dollars off of a plant and the DEA is enabling them to do it by banning a plant so that suffering people will have no option but to get prescriptions for something they had been using, many, for years and benefiting from it. This is morally wrong and fed by greed.

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