When a Society Loses Community, Culture Degrades into a Pile of “Default Confusion”

Cassius Methyl | January 20, 2016

(Era of Wisdom) There are certain unspoken social ways, composures, demeanors, that shape the social climate our lives so heavily depend on.

When a society loses community, and people don’t know their neighbors, kids go to public school and parents expect them to just magically pick up on the ways of life without ever teaching them, when people are divided, these people sacrifice their ability to shape culture with intent and ensure a solid future.

People sacrifice their ability to shape culture, to influence their community and society. Its to the point where a person performing the normal function of being human, could be called an “activist.” What if activists are just people trying to do the age-old human practice of shaping their culture and communities with intent?

When the culture of your area is not under the influence of some kind of communion, when humans don’t rely on each other to survive and instead throw their dollars down holes owned by Wal-Mart, something happens.

When culture is to whatever extent absent of merging individuals, colorful people throwing around ideas, community events and gatherings, traditional human practices, what becomes the primary cultural influences by default?

When people don’t communicate, such virus-like cultures as gangbanging become epidemic in a society.

From the perspective of I, a 19 year old, I am going to ask you this: do you have any idea what kids are doing these days? Do you have any idea where their culture will be if we don’t all communicate with each other and be real human beings? Your neighbor’s kid will end up like Chief Keef. Watch this video and understand that this is one of the cultures flooding communities in America. You might not see it, but one day it will creep into your vicinity and strike you, and you will be partially responsible because you didn’t try to reach out to people and ask them, why do you do this?

Such non-definable, bland excuses for culture such as “Republican or Democrat culture,” if you will, become the default norm when people don’t communicate: when we allow a public school system to raise our kids and we work every day on work that doesn’t matter or create anything that helps us.

Children’s cultures in public school are influenced by the television programs they depend on to be happy after a long day of school. You know the demeanors and silly jokes and playful “kid attitudes” of those kids? Those cultures are composed of little pieces of television, now YouTube videos, and many parents especially in America just leave kids to their own devices without ever teaching them the ways of the world. Maybe its because the parents themselves don’t know the ways of humanity.

Cartoons are relatively innocuous, but do you see what is sacrificed when a parent leaves their kid to figure out the world through television?

What consumes all of our time and energy, and makes community building/culture creation impractical?


Forget whatever prevents you from having the balls to start an independent business. Independent business, independent education, community events and activism, community music and art events, creating our own culture from scratch is my best solution to all of this. All we have to do, is support each other with concerted efforts. If we can make enough money to survive while making a better world, we can have a better world.

Before we align money with intentfully building our cultures and communities, our social climates will be left to default. Default culture is a primal, money-contorted, devolved “dying society” thing, and I think we’re all starting to deeply know this.

On the bright side, we are living in a renaissance of amazing culture: absolutely beautiful rainbows of culture, a midst all the confusion and other stuff. All we have to do is make concerted efforts to support our people, our cultures we feel are good, our ideas we feel are right. Its also necessary to exercise such unspoken social “balance factors” such as humbleness, discernment, ect.

Its time to make something better.


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Author: Era of Wisdom Staff

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